Thursday, May 31, 2012

day 13....

if there is one thing i have learned about being in the hospital with a sick kiddo, it's that circumstances and diagnosis can change quickly. i can be ready to lose it one moment and a tired, weepy mess the next.

thanks be to God that 'P' has been fever-free for 48 hours without tylenol/motrin! yay! yay! yay! so awesome, don't ya think?!

we decided against the procedure to drain the other very small abscess yesterday. there is a portion of his colon in the way and the potential risk of damage to the intestine was too much for my to ensure the elimination of that infection it tacks on two more weeks of i.v. antibiotics...

the drainage from his j.p. drain is still too murky and goopy (these are of course the technical terms!) for my liking, however it is producing very little "goop" but this will stay in another week to appease this mama and make sure everything gets outta there!

there is the exciting possibility that 'P' gets discharged tomorrow night (squeal!!), so my training begins in the morning how to care for his pic line and how to administer his i.v. meds at home.  pray that he gets discharged soon, but not before everything looks just as the Lord wants it to.

to be honest with you, i'm a bit nervous to get sent home...this has all gone so badly that it's just nerve-wracking 'cause i don't want it to happen again, which i know is very unlikely...i know it doesn't make sense, it's all been a smidge overwhelming at one moment or another

if you have been praying for my boy's healing, i am so grateful, thankful, indebted to you...that you spent time before the Lord asking for graces on his behalf is glorious and again beyond words for me to express my thanksgiving.

God has never left 'P' or our family, He was never surprised by this sickness, the Lord pours out His blessings in ways that not our choosing...however it is just what we need to learn more of His love, strength, goodness

i look forward to see how He will use this experience, this sickness, in 'P's life and our family's, my marriage. i know more of Him that i did 3 weeks ago and i can still loudly proclaim that the Lord is Good and does Good! i believe and know that God is working in our lives no matter what it looks like or feels like...

for our best days are NOT our yesterdays, it's now, it's tomorrow, it's all for Him!!

stay tuned....

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