Tuesday, January 17, 2012

flooded by grace designs!!

it's been busy around here to say the least with Christmas and new year's, vacation, 'P's basketball games, Girlie's choir concerts, and i had SO many orders to fill in december from my design shop!! and that's my focus today: Flooded By Grace Designs!!

it's my heart's desire to sit (or stand) and create hand-stamped jewelry, fabulous and one-of-a-kind wreaths, jewelry portraits to display your bobbles as a piece of art with the bonus of having it organized....i love organization so much!!

have you secretly when been yearning for a necklace with your kiddos names on it?

a pendant inscribed with your favorite verse?

beautifully stained pendants personalized with initials and accented with beads and pearls?

don't you agree this would make a spectacular gift for a daughter, bestie, mama, mother-in-law or nanny this Valentine's Day?!! me too!!!

well i'll sweetn' the deal...are you ready?

just click to follow my shop and get the inside scoop onall the new items that will be coming out in the next month and/or LIKE me on facebook and you'll get a coupon code to use at Flooded By Grace Designs for 15% off your Valentine's Day purchase!!

exciting, i know!

and remember if you live in the 417 area you can check out all my items in my store and then simply message me through my store or at to order and save yourself the shipping charges!!

be blessed today...and remember His gift of Grace is yours, live in His freedom and His Mercies are new everyday!

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