Saturday, April 11, 2009

the best is yet to come...

I've been waiting for something truly profound to come to mind to kick of the first blog entry, but I should ( and do ) savor the "ordinary" days and weeks: work, Posse of Kiddos, kiss my one true love :), church, clean, so on and so forth. But as I kept telling myself to at least write something, it is meant to be that the first journal entry for this Blessed Mama would be during the week of Master P's birthday, his 11th to be exact ( and being exact is important at this age, I'm now learning hee hee). This exact week 11 years ago is by far one the most monumental times in my life, I became a Mama!! I look back and I feel like this is when life began! I had unfortantely lived for myself and whatever Amazing Man wanted to do; sure we went to church each Sunday, but only going through the motions, sorry for the sins in the moment but heading right back to a life of selfishness the next. Lord, thank you for never giving up on me, but using my beautiful son to lead me back to a life devoted solely to You!! 'P' gave me purpose and I couldn't believe the overwhelming love and desire to be all I could for him. Isn't it amazing what kids will do to your heart and soul?!!

Even as I type this, it's a little after midnight, Saturday morning the 12th of April. I brought my first baby home this exact day 11 years ago!! I think that is totally cool, I've been recounting stories to 'P' this week about what Dad & I were doing this week, how I was feeling, I do this every year but somehow it was different this year. My baby isn't such a baby anymore; he's in middle school for goodness sake!! He had his very first communition at the Good Friday service at church, he thought this was very sweet ( see I can talk like the "in" kids )!

I love being 'P's' mama, I love being a mama to my whole posse of kids, I love being the wife to my Amazing Man, I can't imagine life without him and I'm am sooooo thankful that he has made me a mama to the three most incredible children. I'm thankful and indebted to my Lord and Savior for the priviledge to mother these babies that He has placed in my care.

So this is it... the first of many journal entries... very cool... and as in all things in my walk with Christ, the best is yet to come!!!

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